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Traveling The World With Cancer

Hello, I'm Sasha Ebony Love, a solo international traveler with cancer.  I always wanted to travel around the world. So in 2015 I stopped making excuses and started booking flights around the world. I refuse to let cancer get in the way of the dream of seeing the world.


 I love sharing my journey & inspiring others to travel. By doing so I've learned that most people have simple reasons for not traveling. Such as: not knowing where to start, thinking they have to be rich, not knowing how to book/put trips together, what sites to use, what to do when they get there, how to find travel deals or just thinking travel is simply not an option for them. So I started a travel group and website sharing the tools and methods that have helped me travel the world.


I share my personal itineraries, travel guides, travel deals, the best booking sites, great travel products and more. My blog will not have Instagram perfect pictures of me on the beach or be on the top 10 bloggers list. I'm just a regular girl that was told to stay home and prepare to die. Instead, I googled & figured out how a girl with cancer & not a lot of money could travel the world then did it!!!  I know that "internet glamorous, but if want to learn how to travel I would love to show you how I made it a reality for me.  


~never give up~ 


About Me

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