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How to Use Google Flights to Find Cheap Flights

Updated: Apr 11, 2019


Google Flights is one among best of the best powerful flight search engines on the web, very straightforward to use and with a large number of options making fare searching easier. Google Flights revealed a significant style overhaul, adding some options and re-configuring others. This help you get a lot out of Google Flights, and, hopefully, notice additional low-cost flights.

Amazing Google Flights Features

  1. Calendar view: Google Flights incorporates a easy, intuitive calendar read that shows you the most affordable fare over consequent twelve months.

  2. It's fast: Google Flights is quicker than other sites, displaying months price of fares in fractions of a second. DD

  3. Lots of airfield search: Rummage around for the most affordable fare between up to seven origin and seven destination airports, while not fastness the search down.

Things I Don't Like About Google Flights

  1. Does not always have lowest fare: Google Flights works by looking out fares sold directly from the airlines and one or two of the highest on-line travel agencies (OTAs), like Expedia or Orbitz. Over and over the simplest fares are found on smaller on-line travel agencies that Google Flights doesn’t look into. Google Flights does not show results from Southwest Airlines, therefore you will conjointly ought to check those directly with the airline.

  2. Does not realize several mistake fares: equally, several mistake fares solely show smaller on-line agency websites. Google Flights won’t be able to realize those. Displays out of stock deals: each once during a whereas, Google Flights can tell you a fare is obtainable at an exact rate, however once you click to proceed with a booking either (a) the fare jumps in worth, or (b) there's no thanks to book on-line and instructs you instead to decision the airline.

  3. Displays unavailable deals: Every once in a while, Google Flights will tell you a fare is available at a certain rate, but when you click to proceed with a booking either (a) the fare jumps in price, or (b) there is no way to book online and instructs you instead to call the airline. (Don’t bother calling, it won’t work.) This phenomenon is called "ghosting", and happens occasionally on Google Flights when a fare was recently available but no longer is.


Set price alerts on Google Flights

As careful higher than, set your departure and destination cities and your dates. On the results page, seek for the "Track prices" button and click on it therefore it toggles on and turns blue. If you are not signed in to Google, you will be prompted to try to to therefore.

Once you have clicked the button to trace flights, you will see a tiny low box at all-time low on the page wherever you'll"View all" to visualize all the flights you are following. you will get associate email whenever the worth changes. One caveat of following flights with Google Flights is that you just might find yourself obtaining loads of email notifications, as flight costs will modification quite bit day to day. sadly, you can not set the awake to solely inform you if the value reaches a selected threshold. And you cannot set associate alert for a general date vary or a general region; you've got to settle on a destination and set specific dates.

Ways to modification your currency or language on Google Flights

Within the prime left-hand corner of Google Flights, seek for the "hamburger"—the 3 horizontal lines to the left of the words "Google Flights."

This release a vertical menu on the left-hand aspect. At all-time low of this, there ar choices to alter the language, currency, or country you utilize for Google Flights. From here you'll conjointly access the Explore map, or read any costs you are following (more on it below).

You'll conjointly modify your country, currency, and language at all-time low on the page.

The way to set departure and arrival locations on Google Flights

once you get to the homepage, kind in wherever you wish to fly from and wherever you wish to fly to, beside your most popular dates. Check it out below.

Here’s associate example: bear in mind that you just will place up to seven airports in every box, separated by commas. If you’re trying to find an inexpensive trip to anyplace Europe, for instance, you would possibly place as your destination “LHR, CDG, AMS, CPH, BCN, FCO, MXP” to visualize wherever the most affordable flight is from Chicago to either London, Paris, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Barcelona, Rome, or Milan. bear in mind that some cities with multiple airports have town codes. These embody NYC (New royal family City) or WAS (Washington DC), that count for three every as a result of NYC = United States President, LGA, EWR and WAS = DCA, IAD, BWI.

The way to choose dates on Google Flights so as to seek out the most affordable dates, click the departure date box. once you try this, costs for two months can pop, with the most affordable dates in inexperienced, like so:

Important costs within the months you’ve told it to appear at. therefore within the higher than example, the inexperienced dates are the bottom in Sept and October. However, there may be cheaper dates in future months that Google Flights can solely realize if you click the correct arrow to scroll to later months. Once you’ve checked out the calendar of lowest fares, click on the date you wish for your departure, once that you’ll click on the date you’d wish to come back.

At now, Google Flights then offers you an enormous list of attainable flights, like so:

Google Flights lists a number of up prime that they deliberate to be the “Best outward flights” taking into consideration factors like worth and routing. It will still be price taking a glance at the “Other outward flights” to visualize if any of these work higher for your schedule. All flight times on Google Flights ar shown in time. If you notice a +1 next to the point listed, on a Google Flights itinerary, it means that your flight arrives consequent day (or two days later if it says +2).

What to do when cheap flights can't be booked through Google Flights

What to try to to once low cost flights cannot be reserved through Google Flights ("Ghosting") sometimes, Google Flights can at first tell you an inexpensive fare is obtainable, however once you attempt to book the fare either jumps in worth or is unable to be reserved altogether. we tend to seek advice from this as “ghosting.” At some purpose within the Google Flights search method, the worth drastically will increase once Google Flights offers you booking choices, the sole offered thanks to get the secure low worth is to decision the airline once Google Flights takes you to the last step and guarantees you'll book a coffee fare either with the airline or an internet agency, however once you click to try to to therefore, the worth jumps on the booking page In every of those cases, there’s no thanks to book those specific flights on those specific dates at the first low cost worth. Here are some ways that to visualize if a ghosting fare will still be reserved: attempt alternative dates in Google Flights Take the dates of a ghosting fare and see if it is reserved in Priceline Take the dates of a ghosting fare and see if it is reserved in Momondo None of those routes ar guaranteed. ; typically a ghosting fare is unable to be booked anyplace.

Get map view on Google Flights

One in every of the handy, hidden options of Google Flights is that the ability to drag up a map and see low cost flights across a complete country or region. to drag that up, click the 3 lines within the higher right corner and choose Explore Map. once you do therefore, Google Flights can switch to a map read like therefore (You will centre anyplace on the map to drag up additional fares):

You'll even enter entire continents like Europe or Asia instead of specific countries. One vital issue to stay in mind is that the initial map read solely shows you the fares on the particular dates you entered. If you've got flexibility and simply wish to seek out the most affordable fare anytime, you'll click the dates associated switch to the “Flexible dates” choice like so:

How to filter results in Google Flights

one in every of Google Flights’ most powerful options is that the ability to line an array of filters to make sure you merely get search results you’re fascinated by. These include: range of stops stay period that (if any) connecting airports worth ceiling Flight times that airline(s) and/or airline alliance(s) Total length of flight you'll realize those filters simply beneath the date boxes:

Economy fares on Google Flights

Once you've got elite your flights, you will see a page with the ultimate worth and links to book with the airlines. At the top, beneath the departure and destination cities, you will see a traveling bag icon on the category of travel: Economy or Basic Economy.

If you click that button, a box can open with a proof of what is enclosed in every fare. you'll then choose your most popular category.

Booking flights Google Flights

Once you’ve selected a decent departure flight, click thereon. You’ll then be prompted to settle on a corresponding come back flight (assuming you’re booking a round trip fare) and your screen can seem like this:

If you wish to travel back and alter the departure flight, all you are doing within the higher than example is click wherever it says “ORD-VCE Tue, Sept 18” towards the higher left. Note: the worth Google Flights shows includes taxes. If you have hunted for a trip itinerary, the worth displayed by Google Flights are going to be the value for the whole trip. Google Flights is not an internet agency (OTA); it is a flight computer program. which means you cannot truly book a flight on Google Flights as Google Flights does not sell flights to the buyer. Instead, Google Flights can pass you on to the airline's web site wherever you'll book directly. Once you click your most popular come back flight, you’ll be taken to your booking choices, like so: ‍

Click to book either through KLM or Delta and you’ll be taken to their checkout page wherever you’ll enter rider and payment info.

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